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Codex of Crime from Evil Pigeon Games Book Review

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Codex of Crime is a 5E D&D supplement that provides all the essentials for infusing your games with thrilling and captivating criminal activities.

459 Historic Professions/Jobs/Trades for Fantasy RPG Settings

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Below is a huge list of 459 jobs, careers, professions, trades, etc from throughout history which can be used for Player’s Characters, or Non-Player Characters (NPCs) when creating them for your Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or any RPG Fantasy Setting, or Randomly Generated City or Town. Some are “old timey” jobs which don’t exist anymore, and some still exist today. Regardless, very few people your world are “adventurers” and most have a profession on the list below. Give each of your Randomly Generated NPCs a real Craft or Trade to make them more realistic. If there is a job you don’t see listed, please submit it in the comments and it will get added!

D&D Memes that Prove Play-by-Post is the Best Way to Game RPGs

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Here is a collection of memes complaining about how difficult it is to schedule playing Dungeons & Dragons. The great thing about Play by Post for RPGs is there are no scheduling issues! You can play a little bit of D&D (Or Pathfinder, or Cypher, or any TTRGP) every day!

How to Play D&D Everyday! Hybrid = Live + PBP [Video]

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You should try Play by Post (PBP) RPG Gaming in addition to doing your Live Sessions. This is called a Hybrid Game. You can do both, and it can make your TTRGP games even more awesome!

There Is No Honor | Part 1 | Savage Tide Adventure Path | Dungeon Magazine #139

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There Is No Honor is the first module in the Savage Tide Adventure Path series spanning several issues of DUNGEON Magazine. This DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adventure is designed for four Player Characters (PCs) of 1st level. PCs who survive the entire adventure should advance to 3rd level.

Campaign Workbook Collection

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The back of Dungeon Magazine was home to the Campaign Workbook which was a collection of short articles and play aids aimed at helping you manage your campaign. Each two-page article focused on key D&D concepts useful to all DMS. Whether your PCs are hanging out in the city, delving the depths of Maure Castle, or traveling in between, the Campaign Workbook’s got you covered.

It’s Okay that Your D&D Campaign isn’t Realistic. We Don’t Tell Boring Stories. [Video]

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One fundamental reason why D&D adventurers take center stage is that we simply don’t tell stories about people to whom interesting things don’t happen. YouTube Video with D20 Running the Game Advice for DMs and GMs

The Savage Tide Adventure Path by Paizo in Dungeon Magazine

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The Savage Tide Adventure Path (or simply Savage Tide) is a role-playing game Adventure Path designed for Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), originally published as a series of adventure modules in Dungeon Magazines to take Characters from 1st to 20th Level.

Zenith Trajectory | Part 3 | Shackled City Adventure Path | Dungeon Magazine #102

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Zenith Trajectory is Part 3 of the Shackled City Adventure Path and takes player characters into an Underdark temple, to rescue a dwarven defender among a bloodthirsty cult of kuotoans. Designed for group of four 6th-level characters, and the PCs may reach 8th level by the conclusion.

Chains of Blackmaw : 6th-12th Level D&D Urban Adventure Module

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“Chains of Blackmaw” is an adventure for four PCs of 10th level, set in a penitentiary mining complex. It’s easily adaptable to any campaign setting. This adventure denies PCs the use of their trusted weapons and gear by forcing them into incarceration in order to complete a mission of grave importance.