Zenith Trajectory | Part 3 | Shackled City Adventure Path | Dungeon Magazine #102

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Zenith Trajectory is Part 3 of the Shackled City Adventure Path and takes player characters into an Underdark temple, to rescue a dwarven defender among a bloodthirsty cult of kuotoans. Designed for group of four 6th-level characters, and the PCs may reach 8th level by the conclusion.

Chains of Blackmaw : 6th-12th Level D&D Urban Adventure Module

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“Chains of Blackmaw” is an adventure for four PCs of 10th level, set in a penitentiary mining complex. It’s easily adaptable to any campaign setting. This adventure denies PCs the use of their trusted weapons and gear by forcing them into incarceration in order to complete a mission of grave importance.