Always up to Date Guide of D20 Random Generators

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The Always Up To Date Guide to D20, D&D & Pathfinder Random Generators!

It’s hard to keep up with all the different websites that have generators, what each one does, and if the site is still active. Bookmark This Page and let us do all that work for you. We will constantly be updating this page as we find new Generators to help make running your role playing game easier!

Fantasy City Map Generator

Amazing Overhead & 3D Fantasy City Map Generators!

Random Map Generators (Cave, Dungeon, Wilderness)

I did a post about these bottom three before:
Random Wilderness, Dungeon and Cave Map Generator


Random Dungeon Map Creator: Choose either a Wandering Line Style Dungeon Map or a Random Room Style Dungeon Map. Both allow you to choose Map Size, Room Density, and Background. Wandering Line Style lets you set a maximum room size width and height, change the tile set, and adjust the Randomness from None, Some to Lots. Random Room Style lets you change the Room Density from Lowest to Highest, and choose either Classic or Ruins Room Set. This Creator LACKS a monster/encounter/traps generator component the Donjon Dungeon Generators below have.

Donjon Random Dungeon Generators: There are too many settings you can choose from to list here. The BEST thing about these generators is all BUT the Fantasy Random Dungeon Generator POPULATE the Dungeon Randomly! It’s a really impressive process of random monsters, wandering monsters, traps, room descriptions and more. If you want a random dungeon to populate yourself then use the Donjon Fantasy one or the Gozzy’s one above. To have a random dungeon completely ready to go with encounters and everything just choose the one that goes with your system below: Random Dungeon Generator: This is a basic, free, dungeon map generator that includes an Entrance, Doors, False Doors, Secret Doors, and wells. No monsters or traps are generated. The author said: Unlike other tools, Dungeons TOME uses the algorithm from the 5e DMG and so should produce dungeons that are ideally suited to D&D.


Curufea’s Random Cave map generator: This might be my new favorite cave generator. The maps looks really good, colored, with variations and they even include extra items like furnishings, lighting, vegetation, water, ladders, and different elevations.

Random Cave Map Creator: My favorite Cave, Cavern, Underground Map Generator. Donjon’s below is good too.

Donjon Random Cavern Generator: I still like the Gozzy’s Cave Map Generator above, but this one by Donjon is really cool too. One of the best features is the “Player Map” option. By default this Cavern/Cave Map Generator places numbers in sections for the DM to track encounters, the Player Map prints without these. Options are: Map Style, Grid (None, Square, Hex, VerHex) Cave/Cavern Size (Fine to Colossal, and there’s a Custom Size option to type in as many Rows & Columns you want). They call it Peripheral Egress, but this means how many entrances or exits you want for the cave complex.

Random Wilderness Map Creator

NPC Generators

Donjon D20 D&D 3.0/3.5 Random NPC Generator: Choose Gender, Race, Class and Culture, this generator creates 10 NPCs with Name, Gender, Race, Class (Fighter, Monk, Wizard, etc…), their Alignment, Base Stats (Str, Dex, …) a brief physical description and even a sentence of their motivation.

NPC Birthing Sacs: This is a super weird name, but it’s a really useful generator for creating Non-Player Character with Backgrounds, Names, Motivations, Quirks, Race, Gender, Demeanour, Appearance and more.

Rabble Generator: Again, a weird name, but incredibly useful for rolling up many NPCs at once. Just type the number of NPCs you want to generate and it spits out names, brief descriptions, appearance and hit points. This is great for populating a business, tavern, inn, or anywhere you need quick access to several random people.

Negatherium NPC Generator (5th Edition D&D Stats) : Includes Appearance, Personality and Adventure Hooks. It also has a really nice Occupation / Job list.

Massive list of D&D professions for NPCs or random town encounters

Town / City Generators

Kassoon Random Town Generator: This is a handy generator which generates a town with shops and even NPCs! You can choose sizes: Hamlet, Village, Town, City or Capital. Plus you can make some Character and NPC Race choices: DMG Races, One Race Only, Normalized DMG or you can make a Custom string and set any percentages you want!

Fantasy Town Generator: Create settlements full of characters in seconds. Highly customisable, click below to get started.

See Also: Overhead & 3D Fantasy City Map Generators

Shop / Business Generators

Donjon D&D 3.0/3.5 Magic Shop Generator: Choose the Location ranging from Thorp, to Small City all the way up to Metropolis. Then choose the type: Weaponsmith, Trader, Armorer, Alchemist, Scribe, or Wandwright. This gives you the name of the shop, the Location, Description, details about the SHopkeeper and the Items available in the shop including their name, price, enhancements and brief description.

Donjon Random Inn / Tavern Generator: Choose from Poor, Common or Good Inn and whether the Patrons are Adventurers or Townsfolk. You’re given a Location, Description of the Inn, the name and info about the Innkeeper, a Menu, NPC Patrons and a list of Rumors.

Random Encounter Generators

Donjon d20 Random Encounter Generator: Choose the Encounter Level, Plane (Prime Material, Abyssal, or Infernal), Climate and Terrain. Their encounter creator also includes the Actual Encounter Level (EL) and an Experience Point (XP) Calculator based on the number of Player Characters (PCs), and their Levels.

Donjon Pathfinder Random Encounter Generator: Choose the Pathfinder Encounter Level, Plane, Climate (Cold, Temperate, Warm) and Terrain (Aquatic, Desert, Forest, Hill, Marsh, Mountain, Plain, Underground). Their Pathfinder encounter creator also includes the Actual Encounter Level (EL) and a Pathfinder Experience Point (XP) Calculator based on the number of Player Characters (PCs), and their Levels.

Donjon D&D 4th Edition (4E) Random Encounter Generator: Choose the 4th Edition Encounter Level, Plane (Mortal World, Abyss, Astral Sea, Elemental Chaos, Feywild, Nine Hells, Shadowfell), Climate and Terrain. Their encounter creator also includes the Actual Encounter Level (EL) and an Experience Point (XP) Calculator based on the number of 4th Edition Player Characters (PCs), and their Levels.

Donjon D&D 5th Edition (5E) Random Encounter Generator: Choose the Encounter Level, Number of 5th Edition (5E) PC’s, the Encounter Difficult Level (Any, Easy, Medium, Hard or Deadly) and the Environment (Too many to list!). The Generator will spit ou ten 5E Encounters to choose from, including the 5th Edition Experience Point total based on the Player Characters you input.

Donjon Fantasy Random Encounter Generator: This is a system agnostic (any fantasy role playing game) generator. There are no game stats, just encounters you can use. Choose random encounters In a Dungeon, on the Road, at Sea, in the Wilderness or in Town.

Text Based Random Dungeon Adventure Generator: This creates a dungeon with only text and no map, but it’s detailed and is a great way to get inspiration for a Narrator / Dungeon Master.

Trap Generators

Donjon Trap Random Generator: Creates the trap’s name, challenge rating (CR) which you can adjust from CR 1 to CR 20, the trigger type, its reset, the effect/damage including Difficulty Class (DC) levels for any saves pertaining to the trap and Search / Disable Device DCs.

Random Weather Generator

Donjon Random Weather Generator: Climate, Season and Supernatural effect selections gives you a Description, Temperature, High and Low temperatures then Wind Force and Wind Speed.

Advanced Generators

Choose Your Own Generator: I have no idea what you would use this for, but I didn’t want to omit it unless it was helpful for someone. The page provides you with blank tables you can fill with any entries, turning them into a personal random generator. Results are generated right on the page. You can save the generator as a link for random result each time you click it. All the information that makes up the generator is contained within the link, so it can be used even when you’re offline provided you can access your bookmarks, works on phones and tablets, and can be embedded into your blog posts. Community List of Random Generators created using the Choose your Own Generator