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I created an AutoHotKey Script for better/faster typing.

I love Play By Post Role Playing in Dungeons & Dragon (D&D) and Pathfinder on which is just a great website.

One of the awesome features of PBP gaming on RPOL is some simple html commands for colors, formatting, lists, hidden text and more.

Unfortunately that can make things kind of slow for typing and clicking around.

Using the very powerful AutoHotKey program which does text replacement, hotkeys, automation, and more, I created a simple script which does some handy text replacement to make RPOL code easier.

One example is typing the string “rpolcomm” which is replaced with the below HTML code string:


The string that makes this work in the AutoHotKey script (.ahk file) is below:

:o:rpolcomm::<orange></orange>{Left 9}

Typically orange text is used on RPOL to denote Out of Character Talk (OOC). The cool thing about this script is you can make any string to output any code or text you want.

In the above code you simply need to change the text between the :o: and the :: to any text to type and then have replaced.

Then, you change the code after the two colons :: to whatever the text string will be replaced with.

The {Left 9} tells the cursor to move back 9 spaces. So after the text string is typed, and replaced, your cursor is between the two HTML tags for easy typing.

:o:rpolpmdm::[Private to GM: ]{Left 1}

The above is an example of doing a private message to the Game Master/GM.

You can do any text replacement you can think of, even multi-line content like a list:

:o:rpollist::[list]`n[*]`n[/list]{Left 8}

Which will actually output like this:


And your cursor will be blinking, ready to type immediately after the [*]

Again, what you can do is only limited by your imagination and need.

I like to have my character talking text be colored and bolded, so all that takes is the text string rpoltalkb to output:


I hope this makes your playing faster, easier and more fun!

Download the AutoHotKey program first, then download my RPOL AHK script and launch it.

Feel free to share in the comments any extra strings or commands you come up with.