Codex of Crime from Evil Pigeon Games Book Review

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Codex of Crime is a supplement that provides all the essentials for infusing your games with thrilling and captivating criminal activities. For Game Masters, it offers tools to effectively oversee players engaging in mischief, insights into what various crimes entail in a fantastical setting, considerations for how law enforcement might handle magical transgressions, as well as an array of useful random tables and additional resources.

Players will discover a wealth of content tailored to their mischievous endeavors, including new subclasses, magic items, backgrounds, spells, and invaluable tips and suggestions for enhancing the enjoyment of criminal escapades. Whether you’re orchestrating devious schemes or thwarting them, this supplement is your guide to embracing the darker, more adventurous side of gameplay.

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Included in the Book:

  • Criminal NPCs for your game
  • Plot hooks for different crimes
  • Magic Items
  • Subclasses
  • Advice and Systems for running your guards
  • Criminal Gangs and Organisations
  • Random Tables

Codex of Crime Table of Contents:

  • Punishments
  • Guards
  • The Crimes
  • Criminals and Gangs
  • The Law
  • Prisons
  • Breaking the Law
  • Heists
  • Subclasses
  • Magic Items

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