D&D Random Dungeon Generators with Monsters and Traps

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Donjon has an awesome list of generators, but the Random Dungeon Generators which include monsters, traps, encounters, and more are really impressive and can make a quick adventure for your Players’ Characters at just the click of a button.

Checkout the Always up to Date Guide of D20 Random Generators.

Random Dungeon Generators for D20, AD&D, 3.0/3.5/4th/5th Ed. D&D, Pathfinder:

Every one of these dungeon map creators have a TON of settings. See the full list below the links.

When you generate a dungeon there are 4 download options: HTML, Player’s Map, Print Map and TSV Map. The player’s map is great so they don’t see what kind of door they face, and don’t see all the detail markings.

Fantasy Dungeon Generator: This is the only dungeon creator on the site that does NOT include monsters, traps, hazards or anything. It just creates a dungeon map you can populate with your own monsters because this one is “game system agnostic.”

AD&D 2nd Ed. Random Dungeon Generator

D20 D&D 3.0/3.5 Random Dungeon Generator

Microlite20 M20 Random Dungeon Generator

Pathfinder Random Dungeon Generator

D&D 4th Ed. (4E) Random Dungeon Generator

D&D 5th Ed. (5E) Random Dungeon Generator

Random Dungeon Creator Settings:

  1. Dungeon Name: The generator makes up a clever name for you.
  2. Dungeon Level: Choose from 1 – 20 for the monster and trap generator to know the challenge rating (CR) for the dungeon
  3. Details: None or Basic. This generate descriptions, and “flavor,” for areas of the dungeon to make it something more than just “a straight hallway leading into a room.” Really nice to have!
  4. Dungeon Motif: The “style” of dungeon you want with monstrous, environment and arcane settings.
    1. None
    2. Abandoned
    3. Monstrous
      1. Aberrant
      2. Giant
      3. Undead
      4. Vermin
    4. Environment
      1. Aquatic
      2. Desert
      3. Underdark
    5. Arcane
      1. Arcane
      2. Fire
      3. Cold
      4. Abyssal
      5. Infernal
  5. Map Style: Over a dozen styles to choose from like Crosshatch, Graph Paper, even cool graphic backgrounds like Sandstone and Marble or things like Asylum and Steampunk.
  6. Grid: Square, Hex or VertHex
  7. Dungeon Layout: More options like, square, diamond, round, cavernous (look like a natural cavern instead of straight corridors) and more.
  8. Dungeon Size: From Fine to Colossal, and you can even set a specific, custom size with the number of rows and columns you want.
  9. Peripheral Egress: This means do you want exits going off the edge of the created dungeon.
  10. Stairs: Yes, No or Many.
  11. Room Layout: Sparse, Scattered, Dense, Systematic or Complex. Cool options to change the rooms. Systematic is more like you have to progress one room at a time. Scattered has lots of hallways getting to each room, and Complex has a bunch of extra doors and items.
  12. Room Size: Small to Colossal room sizes in the dungeon.
  13. Doors: None, Basic, Secure, Standard or Deathtrap. Deathtrap basically has almost every door with traps, and tons of secret doors.
  14. Corridors: Labyrinth, Errant, or Straight.
  15. Deadends: None, Some or All. Just your preference. Deadends the players can’t see are great places to put your own traps of course 😀