Dragon and Monster Size Comparison Charts

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Tons of Creatures compared in size to humans and each other. Monsters, Dinosaurs, Dragons, ARC Creatures, and more! If you ever wanted to see how big or little something is compared to a Human, or another Monster, you’ll likely find it in these Charts! Click on an image to see a big, high resolution version.

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dragon size chart by age by ladyadriela

Ark Monster Creature Size Comparison Chart

Ark Monster Creature Size Comparison Chart Great White Shark Dinosaurs Mosasaurus T-Rex Blue Dragon Giant Squid Brontosaurus Brachiosaurus Gorilla Pterodactyl

Gorilla, Great White Shark, Dinosaurs like Mosasaurus, T-Rex, Brontosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Pterodactyl plus a Blue Dragon and Sea Creatures like: a Giant Squid.

Dragon Size Chart 1

Dragon Size Chart D&D Dungeons and Dragons D20 Pathfinder Bahamut Saphira Jabberwocky Drogon Maleficent Narissa Kilgharrah Bewilderbeast Grigori Ramoth Deathwing

Bahamut, Saphira, Jabberwocky, Drogon, Maleficent, Narissa, Kilgharrah, Bewilderbeast, Grigori, Ramoth and Deathwing

Dragons of the World

Dragons of the World with Size Comparison Chart

Dragon Size Chart 2

Dragon Size Chart D&D Dungeons and Dragons D20 Pathfinder FaLuffy Mushu Spyro LaekaDraeon Haku Flemmeth Toothless Alduin Draco Felcor Smaug

Fa’Luffy, Mushu, Spyro, Laeka’Draeon, Haku, Flemmeth, Toothless, Alduin, Draco, Felcor and Smaug.

Dragon Size Comparison Chart: Medium, Large, Huge and Gargantuan

Dragon Size Comparison Chart to Human Age of Dragons Anne Stokes Fire Red Earth Gargantuan Rock Swamp Huge Silver Oriental Water Large Forest Desert Gold Ice White Meduim

Gargantuan Size: Fire/Red Dragon, Earth Dragon

Huge Size: Rock, and Swamp/Black Dragon

Large Size: Silver Dragon, Oriental Dragon and Water

Meduim Size: Forest, Desert, Gold Dragon, Ice/White Dragon