Easy & Free Character Sheets for D&D, Pathfinder, D20 or any RPG System using Google Spreadsheet

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My favorite way to create Character Sheets for my Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) and Pathfinder characters is to use Google Spreadsheets. I can customize them to my heart’s content AND cross reference other sheets. The math functions make it really easy to have everything calculated for me when spells are cast, or when we level up.

My group also has the ability to cross reference sheets, so when the Bard uses inspire courage, everyone’s spreadsheets update and their attack and damage numbers change for super easy rolling!

You could also use this as a DM/GM for debuffs and other spells in effect.

I just love being platform independent and having unlimited flexiblity.

Not to mention google sheets are totally free, work on any mobile device or computer and even work offline! So if you’re gaming somewhere with no internet, you can still have your character sheet.

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