From 1E Under Illefarn to 5E Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle and Beyond

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I recently started running a campaign centered around Daggerford so I went searching for Forgotten Realms Adventure Modules centered around this cool town on the Trade Way between Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate.

I found material as old as 1987 in the form of a 1st Edition AD&D Adventure Module: TSR 912 N5 Under Illefarn. But I also found some awesome recent content like the D&D Next Preview 5th Edition D&D Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle.

This post is how I intend to manage Forgotten Realms Adventure Modules published almost 30 years apart.

NPCs / Personalities around Daggerford and Illefarn

The first issue is these two adventure modules occur decades apart in Dale Reckoning (DR) Years. Under Illefarn occurs around 1347 DR and Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle occurs around 1484 DR. Obviously this means some NPCs have died or changed.

Under Illefarn Personalities / NPCs in Daggerford

Under Illefarn AD&D Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 1st First Edition TSR N5 9212 Adventure Module Cover

  • Duke Pwyll Greatshout Daggerford (Pwill), about 25 years old, human male
  • Lady Bronwyn Daggerford (BRAWNwin), about 28 years old, human female
  • Lord Sir Llewellyn Long-Hand (LEW-elen), Duke’s Master of Arms, 45 years old, human male, 8th level Cavalier
  • Kelson Darktreader, Age 58, Master of the duke’s Hunt, half-elf male, 7th level Ranger
    • Kelson’s grandfather is Sir Elorfindar, and his father was Elorfindar’s full-elf son, Filvendor
    • His mother was a human woodsman’s daughter whom the son, Filvendor, met while hunting in the Misty Forests.
  • Delfen Yellowknife, Age Unknown, human male, 8th level Magic-user
  • Gwydion pen Dafwyd (GWID-ee-on pen DAV-ud), Age 65, Wizard to the Duke of Daggerford, human male, 11th level Magic User
  • Sir Elorfindar Floshin of the House of Long Silences, Gold Elf male, age unknown, 7th level Fighter,  11th level Magic-User
    • His four children are:
      • Filvendor Lightfoot, a magic-user/18fighter/thief
      • Shalendra Dare-all, a cavalier
      • Elorshin Highthought , a cleric/magic-user in the service of Tyr
      • Darfin Longwalker, a magic-user/fighter and Elorfindar’s heir to house Floshin
  • Derval Ironeater, dwarf male, 6th level Fighter
  • Korbus Brightjewel, gnome male
  • Fulbar Hardcheese, halfling male, owner of the Happy Cow tavern
  • Bando the Lame, halfling male, 6th level Cleric
  • Maerovyna, Priestess of Chauntea, human female
  • Liam Sunmist, Priest of Lathander, human male
  • Baergon Bluesword, Priest of Tempus, half-elf male
  • Filarion Filvendorson, Adventurer, Elf Male
    • Like Kelson Darktreader, Filarion is a grandson of Sir Elorfindar and son of Filvendor
  • Sherlen Spearslayer, the Daggerford militia commander

Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle Personalities / NPCs of Daggerford

D&D Next Preview Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle Dungeons and Dragons 5th Fifth Edition Adventure Module Cover

  • Duke Maldwyn Daggerford, Human, male, rogue, lawful neutral
  • (Duchess) Lady Morwen Daggerford, Human, female, fighter, lawful good
    • Older sister to Duke Maldwyn
  • Sir Isteval, Retired Purple Dragon Knight, Human, male, paladin of Amaunator, lawful good
  • Sir Darfin “Longwalker” Floshin, Lord of House Floshin, Hijh (gold) elf, male, fighter/mage, lawful good
    • Son of Sir Elorfindar Floshin
  • Darrondar Gweth, Priest of Tempus, Human, mal, fighter/cleric of Tempus, chaotic good
  • Delfen Yellowknife, Ancient, Wizard, Human, male, mage, chaotic neutral
  • Derval Ironeater, Blacksmith, Dwarf, male, fighter, neutral
  • Kelson Darktreader, Master of the Hunt, Halfwood (moon) elf, male, ranger, neutral
    • Kelson’s grandfather is Sir Elorfindar, and his father was Elorfindar’s full-elf son, Filvendor
  • Filarion Filvendorson, “Retired” Thief Wood (moon) elf, male rogue. chaotic neutral
    • Filarion is Kelson Darktreader’s half brother but was raised by a different mother.
  • Luc Sunbright, Priest of Lathander, Human, male, cleric of Lathander, lawful neutral
  • Trista the Shadowed, Court Wizard, Human, female, mage, neutral
  • Hadeshah, Priest of Chauntea, Human, female cleric of Chauntea, neutral good
  • Sherlen Miller, Commander of the Militia, Human, female, fighter, lawful neutral
    • She was named after a great hero of Daggerford’s history, Sherlen “Spearslayer,” and she considers it her greatest honor to serve in the same role that her namesake did a hundred years ago.

Still in Progress… More coming soon…