Learn about Play-By-Post for D&D or any RPG

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Play-By-Post benefits:

  1. No need to coordinate schedules
  2. No need to live near one another
  3. Access to more Players & DMs/GMs
  4. Focused in Writing
  5. Side quests are much easier
  6. One-on-One or Duet play is easier
  7. No need for Voices/Accents
  8. No awkwardness or discomfort being “weird” around others
  9. It’s much simpler for DMs/GMS
  10. One Player can run Multiple Characters
  11. You can participate in more than one campaign
  12. Get a little bit of play every day, rather that once a week/month or never

Play-By-Post drawbacks:

  1. Game Play is very slow
  2. You don’t get in person socialization
  3. Text directions can be confusing for players & DMs
  4. You will be dependent on some form of technology (see below)
  5. Combat will take much longer
  6. It can be hard to find regular players/GMs who stick around

Play-by-Post Websites & Technology Options:

  1. Email : Super old school, but everyone has it
  2. RPOL.net : My #1 favorite site and I’ve been on here since 2017. It is mobile friendly, but it lacks notifications.
  3. Reddit.com : There is a sub redit about PBP (http://reddit.com/r/pbp)
  4. Myth-Weavers.com
  5. GamersPlane.com
  6. OngoingWorlds.com
  7. RPGcrossing.com
  8. Discord : Great for fast paced games. Has notifications. But it’s not great for “long form” writing. You can use Reddit to find games (http://reddit.com/r/pbp)
  9. Paizo Boards
  10. Private Forum : Difficult to setup, but limitless options and you control everything.

Let me know in the comments on this post or the youtube video what you think about play by post and if you’ve ever played!