Mobile Phone or Tablet Friendly PHP Character Sheets

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These are custom programmed responsive mobile friendly character sheets specifically designed and programmed in PHP to be incredibly easy to use on a phone or tablet. Feel free to download my PHP code.

Links to the Character Sheets in Action:

TL;DR: Scroll down to view the Screenshot Gallery

Why did I program a PHP / jQuery Responsive Character Sheet?

Responsive Mobile Friendly Browser Dungeons and Dragons D&D DND Pathfinder iPhone Character Sheet Programmed in PHP Download Code jQuery JavaScriptI got tired of having to keep paper character sheets with me all the time when playing Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder or any D20 based system. Plus, I couldn’t find character sheets that worked on a phone.

I wanted something easy to access on my phone or tablet, which also had a dice roller so if I was (uncharacteristically) without my dice I would still be able to play.

These PHP Character Sheets are what I came up with. You can download the code below. Unfortunately you have to know code to modify them or setup a Google Spreadsheet.

Use a Google Spreadsheet to modify the Character Sheet

I created two Google Docs Spreadsheets, one to keep track of Character Skills and one to keep track of Equipment, Wealth (Gold) and Weight. Click either of those to View Only the Google Sheets.

The sheets contain a PHP Function to pull data from the character sheets so I didn’t have to edit the code every time. Spreadsheets are just easier for some stuff.

Every stat, skill, attack, level based number all use PHP Variables so when you level up your character these items automatically update for you.

I’ve always wanted to take the time to make this into something a non-programmer could create and edit themselves, I simply haven’t had the time.

Hire Me to Create YOU a Responsive Mobile Friendly Character Sheet. I work as web designer and developer, so I would be more than happy to create and host one of these character sheets for you. We could set everything up to use a Google Spreadsheet so you wouldn’t have to do any coding.

Include Everything You Need for your D&D Character in one Place

The other thing I got sick of was trying to access, and PDFs on my phone to check rules, skill descriptions, feat descriptions, spell descriptions, etc.

So I included every rule I would ever need to reference for that character.

If I wanted to Trip and Opponent, I included the full Special Attack Action description right on the sheet. Just click it, expand, and read the details to remind myself. It’s really handy!

Screenshot Gallery of Mobile D&D Character Sheet

Download the PHP Dungeons & Dragons (D&D/D20) / Pathfinder Character Sheet Code (4mb) (2mb)