The Way Inn

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The Way Inn Village

Population: 100 in the village, with another 400 in the dependent hamlets
Demographics: 72% Humans, 11% Halflings, 9% Dwarves, 4% Elves, 4% Others
Government: Autocracy
Ruler: Cross Wheeler
Religion: Chauntea, Tymora, Lathander

The village shares its name with the primary attraction, the actual Inn.

The Way Inn is a small walled village under the the protection of Daggerford. A large two-story inn dominates the village, which is the source of the community’s name. Cross Wheeler, a retired human ranger, runs the town and the inn.

The Way Inn: This stone inn has stood for over a century. The rooms are top quality, each boasting fur rugs, tapestries, canopy beds, and a private balcony. The fare of the kitchen is very good, and the taps are well stoked with ale and mead.

Interior Map of The Way Inn

The Way Inn Interior Map on The Trade Way near Daggerford

The Way Inn Walled Village along the Sword Coast’s Trade WayThe Way Inn Walled Village on The Trade Way near Daggerford