The Savage Tide Adventure Path by Paizo in Dungeon Magazine

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The Savage Tide Adventure Path (or simply Savage Tide) is a role-playing game Adventure Path designed for Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), originally published as a series of adventure modules in Dungeon Magazine. Playing through all the modules would take Characters from 1st through to 20th Level!

Download the Savage Tide Player’s Guide PDF

Video Discussing The Savage Tide Adventure Path Modules

Chapter 1: There Is No Honor

For levels 1–3. The characters are drawn into a murderous family feud. Undead pirates and a powerful thieves guild feature heavily.

Read the entire No Honor on this Site module on this site.

Chapter 2: The Bullywug Gambit

For levels 3–5. Hired to find a missing brother, the characters discover a secret hideout and witness the effects of the Savage Tide.

Chapter 3: The Sea Wyvern’s Wake

For levels 5–7. The characters begin their journey to the Isle of Dread; the lost city of Tamoachan and a monstrous sargasso are featured highlights.

Chapter 4: Here There Be Monsters

For levels 7-8. Shipwrecked on the Isle of Dread, the characters travel south along the coast to the colony of Farshore.

Chapter 5: Tides of Dread

For levels 9–10. Warned of an imminent attack by a pirate fleet, the characters seek to fortify the colony of Farshore.

Chapter 6: The Lightless Depths

For levels 11–12. On a quest underground to seek the source of mysterious pearls, the characters discover a horrifying city of slumbering aboleths.

Chapter 7: City of Broken Idols

For levels 13–15. Still seeking clues to the mysterious pearls, the characters travel to the taboo central plateau of the Isle of Dread, to confront the terrible creatures that live there.

Chapter 8: Serpents of Scuttlecove

For levels 15–17. The characters once again board the Sea Wyvern, this time to sail for Scuttlecove – a hideous city of pirates, slavers, cannibals, and worse – in search of clues to the final Savage Tide and the rescue of their patron.

Chapter 9: Into the Maw

For levels 17–18. The party sails into the Abyss itself, seeking to infiltrate a demonic prison fortress and turn its fiendish factions against each other.

Chapter 10: Wells of Darkness

For levels 18–19. To learn the secret of stopping the Savage Tide, the party must free Shami-Amourae, succubus-goddess and former consort of Demogorgon, from the Wells of Darkness, deep in the Abyss.

Chapter 11: Enemies of My Enemy

For levels 19–20. Our heroes travel to Hades, Arborea, and the depths of the Abyss in order to recruit allies against Demogorgon from the eladrin court, demons, and even other demon lords.

Chapter 12: Prince of Demons

For level 20! In the final chapter of the Savage Tide Adventure Path, an army of demons and eladrin stands ready to mount an assault on Demogorgon’s Abyssal realm of Gaping Maw. The party must take advantage of this distraction and prevent Demogorgon from activating the Savage Tide and driving a world insane.

Video Transcript:

Savage Tide was originally published over twelve installments from October 2006 through September 2007 in Dungeon Magazines starting with issue #139. It was created for D&D 3.5 and unfortunately there isn’t a 5th Edition Conversion available… yet… But, who knows? With enough interest, perhaps a certain someone could create those conversions for you? Even though they might not be in the most recent version of the game, these modules are absolutely epic and just reading them would be great for any narrator.

These adventures start off in the city of Sasserine, which is just north of the city of Cauldron. Yes, Cauldron which is the same city that serves as the setting for the Shackled City Adventure Path. And like Shackled City, Savage Tide was also published by Paizo, the creators of the Pathfinder RPG.

Just like Shackled City, these are all available for free in PDFs on and I am transcribing them onto my website Even if you don’t run these adventures, reading them will give you TONS of ideas, plus some great NPCs and Maps.

If you’re watching because of a Ptolus Campaign, then rest assured the first three adventures of Savage Tide work perfectly with the City by the Spire, as long as you’re okay with a little seafaring and sailing adventure!

The rest of the modules do a lot more sailing and probably won’t work for keeping characters actually in the city. In the ninth adventure called “Into the Maw” which is for 17th to 18th level characters you actually sail into the Abyss which could be an epic adventure for parties who “fixed” the Prison World Ptolus is inside. I made a video about Ptolus being in the Prison Plane of Pramael but only Narrators should watch it. Players. No. Bad. Don’t watch. (Pramael is a Prison Plane YouTube Video:

For our Ugly Inc Campaign in Ptolus I am weaving together parts from The Shackled City and The Savage Tide Adventure Paths. As I said, the first three modules of Savage Tide which are called, There Is No Honor, The Bullywug Gambit, and The Sea Wyvern’s Wake are great for a Ptolus campaign.

The Ugly Inc characters have a home base in the Docks. They renamed the Ptolus location called The Shrine of Dreams to The Captain’s Den and bought it to be their business and headquarters. This gave me a great method to connect them with the sea and ship aspects of the Savage Tide.

Ptolus Narrators, or any DM/GM trying to run an urban city campaign should read The Bullywug Gambit especially. It details a very cool “run through the city” type adventure which has encounters interspersed throughout their travel from one location to another. I am super excited about this because travel through a city can get boring, and making simple travel into a nail biting and harrowing adventure is just fantastic role playing. Even if you’re not running Ptolus, read this and think about using it the next time your characters are in a city because it’s a great deviation from wilderness or dungeon adventures. I bet very few people have played through a scenario like Bullywug Gambit creates.

This old content from the Dungeon Magazines is absolutely fantastic and I cannot believe we can get it for free. The low quality PDFs are hard to read and that’s why I’m making them into mobile friendly content on this site. If you’re like me, I mostly read on my phone or tablet, so hopefully this helps you as much as it is helping me.

Ptolus Narrators should definitely join our Ptolus focused Discord. There are just awesome narrators over there and we are constantly sharing ideas, homebrew content and other useful resources.

If you’re an amazing person, you could support me through Patreon so I can keep transcribing adventure modules for you and making videos about Ptolus, D&D, Pathfinder and other RPG stuff.

Until next time, Stay Out of the Shadow of the Spire!